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January 27

While delivering laundry into the appropriate bedrooms, I stumbled upon my 13-year-old sister’s diary. I had always been jealous of my little sister. I competed with her tacitly and grew to resent her natural abilities. I felt it necessary to shatter her shadow with achievements of my own. As a result, we seldom spoke.

I tentatively plucked the book from the floor, convinced that I would discover scheming and slander. It was worse than I suspected. I was her hero. She admired me for my personality, my achievements and, ironically, my integrity. She wanted to be like me. I ceased reading, struck with the crime I had committed. I had expended so much energy into pushing her away that I had missed out on her.

I longed to know her again. I was finally able to put aside the petty insecurity that kept me from her. On that fateful afternoon, I decided to go to her—this time to experience instead of judge, to embrace instead of fight. After all, she was my sister.

Elisha M. Webster

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