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January 29

My sister found Jake roaming the streets, all skin and bones, filthy and exhausted. Although the vet didn’t expect him to live more than a week, Jake was still with me after a month. That was when I noticed a newspaper article requesting dogs and volunteers for a pet-assisted therapy program. Jake passed the tests with flying colors and became an official hospital volunteer.

One particular visit stands out. A man asked if Jake and Mac, his partner, could visit his wife who was very ill. I took her clenched fist and let her knuckles stroke Jake’s ear, and when I looked at Jake, I knew he’d made a connection.

Upon hearing that this patient was awake, the nurse told me I must have the wrong room. The woman who was talking and hugging Mac had only 5 percent of her brain function and was not expected to wake up.

My dog, and others like him, had a power that left me in awe. It’s simple: My dog Jake worked miracles with his love.

Terry Perret Martin

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