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February 4

Day 1: I’m starting a diary about the kids’ upcoming experience with chicken pox. Vicki called to tell me her kids have chicken pox, and when I looked at the calendar and counted the days, it turns out my kids will have chicken pox right in the middle of our school’s break. Plus, my husband is already planning to stay home that week to catch up on paperwork, so why not just get it over with?

Day 2: Went to grocery store to stock up on calamine lotion.

Day 18: School break is over; daughters back in school. Husband back at work. Son home with chicken pox.

Day 21: Daughter erupting with chicken pox.

Day 26: Husband left for out-of-town business trip. Son now has flu. Second daughter also home with stomachache.

Day 30: All kids home from school—one with chicken pox, two with flu, one faking to get in on the snacks.

Day 32: Husband called early from nice hotel. Very understanding when I was unable to remember his name.

Day . . . So tired. Don’t know what day it is and don’t care anyway.

Janet Konttinen

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