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February 5

As a savvy seven-year-old, I knew that in life you got what you didn’t want. We had recently lost our dad, and now, after 13 years of staying at home, Mom had to go out and look for a job. Not only had she little education, but she had limited experience and no special training.

She was unable to hold on to the home that Dad had built, and the family car disappeared into the night. Mother’s options were further limited to jobs that were within walking distance.

As Christmas approached, Mother asked us to talk to Santa, which was the only activity you could do for nothing at the school festival. I decided to tell the truth.“I wish my mother would get a job so we can buy groceries.”

A few days after the holiday,my mother received a phone call.“I’ve been offered a job in the school lunchroom.”

I found out that Santa Claus, whether he is your grandpa in a red suit or the school superintendent doing his bit, is not such a scam after all. From then on, I told younger kids that if they didn’t believe, they were really missing out.

Jean Bronaugh

Sometimes wishing can make it so.

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