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February 6

We were sitting in the crowded auditorium waiting to view our seven-year-old grandson’s performance in his school’s annual pageant. Then I saw them—Tanner’s “biological” paternal grandparents.

Even though my daughter-in-law never married Tanner’s father, his parents had fought for grandparents’ rights and won. His court-ordered visits with them every other weekend had always been a particular sore spot for me.

The program started, and before we knew it, the lights were on, and we were gathering our things to leave. When it was our turn to hug Tanner and discuss his job well done, he said, “Grandma, I’m so lucky because all my favorite people are here, together, just to see me!”

My eyes met those of the “other” grandma and I could see she was feeling the same shame as I was. What had given only me the right to love this little boy? They obviously loved him as much as we did, and he obviously loved each of us. I discovered that night that we all have the same agenda—to love a little boy who truly belongs to all of us.

Patricia Pinney

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