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February 7

When my husband died, I had never done anything on my own. Instead of sitting home and crying over my loss, I decided to go to college. It was the scariest decision I’ve ever made, but the exhila -ration of learning new things was worth it.

The age difference between the other students and me wasn’t a problem, and I received a great deal of attention from many of my teachers. My daughters were very supportive and even helped me with my homework.

I learned I could study abroad and met some wonderful people who took me under their wings. I had mastered another step in being on my own.

Looking back, I realize that going to school kept me young. I was never bored. I was exposed to new ideas and viewpoints. Most important, I gained confidence, realizing I can accomplish things by myself.

And so it was, that with a flick of a tassel, my lifelong dream was fulfilled. At the age of 68, I graduated from college— with honors.

Mildred Cohn

Don’t let fear hold you back.

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