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February 10

One lazy afternoon while watching my children play, I started thinking about how differently the world looks through the eyes of an adult with so many responsibilities. Suddenly I felt a pang of longing for the days when I, too, could romp and play without a care for cost-of-living increases, budgets and mortgages.

I let my children reteach me that afternoon how much fun it is to squish fresh mud into patties, and how thrilling it is to climb just one branch higher in a tree and then from your perch in the sky, gaze over your tiny kingdom and yell,“I’m the king of the world!”

It took only a few stolen moments from my children’s youth to remind me how precious these carefree days are for them. Now, instead of reprimanding them over and over about this and that and giving lectures on appropriate behavior, I enjoy the moment with them. You see, I’ve been taught a lesson the children haven’t learned yet: The moment won’t last forever.

Stacey Granger

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