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February 11

When Delores, a dainty little cat, came to live with her owner, Kyle, she rarely had anything to say. Most of the time, she didn’t even like being touched. She also became upset whenever the lights were turned out, so Kyle just left the lights on in the apartment at night.

Then, one evening, everything changed. Kyle woke up to something jumping on his head! Paws were scratching his face! When he opened his eyes, his apartment was filled with black smoke.

Kyle felt for Delores with his feet and followed her to the back door. The knob came off in his hand. Kyle collapsed to the floor. Once again, he felt those insistent paws scratching on his face. He hurled himself against the door, broke it down and ran outside to fresh air and safety. But Delores was still inside.

An hour later the blaze was under control. A firefighter brought Delores—eyes seared shut, hair singed— wrapped in a towel.

The fire changed Delores. She meowed and purred constantly and wanted to be touched and cuddled. Kyle had never asked for more than Delores could give and then found she was willing to give him everything she had.

Susan McCullough

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