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February 12

Some of the lowest days of my life came shortly after my husband’s death. The kids and I each grieved as our ages and personalities allowed. And then, my sister arrived. She had saved her visit until everyone else had left. Within hours, the closeness we had shared in the past came flooding back.

We got my kids returned to school and then started tackling projects. We decided to install a closet organizer since the half-emptiness constantly reminded me of my now-gone husband.

Things didn’t go well. Nothing fit. As we improvised, things got worse. Then somehow the whole situation turned into a joke.

Every fumble we made, every board that slipped, every screw that refused to twist made us laugh. We laughed until the tears came. It was the first time I’d laughed in weeks.

That laughter changed nothing, yet it changed everything. For in the hard months following my sister’s departure, on my worst days, I inevitably opened my closet and spotted my slightly tilting organizer. No matter how I felt, I just couldn’t help smiling.

Deborah Hedstrom-Page

Laughter can help heal the pain of loss.

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