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February 16

I didn’t grow up with cats, but I married a cat lover. We first saw Turtle on our land in Vermont, trotting behind her mother. She reappeared briefly a year later, and the year afterward, she visited often. As Turtle grew more comfortable with us, I wondered if we could bring her inside.

The deciding moment arrived after I’d been away for a few days. Barely fifteen minutes after my return, she was at the kitchen door! When my husband opened the door to bring her some food, she pushed past him into the kitchen and headed straight for me. She had missed me! I was ready to share my house with her.

Turtle had a lot to learn. How to sprawl across my in-basket. How to awaken us for her breakfast. How to stand guard at the bathtub until I could be meowed safely from the water. I bless the day that she decided to chance it with us. She knew so much more than I did about the important things. She knew enough to make a running leap that day into my house, my lap, my heart.

Ellen Perry Berkeley

Open your heart to love, no matter where it comes from.

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