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February 17

As I watched my sister unload my luggage, I could see the sadness in her eyes. We had both been dreading this moment for the past week. One last hug and a final good-bye and I would be on my way to a new life abroad, leaving her behind.

On the plane I was still crying. I did not have the energy to put my bag in the overhead locker, so I stuffed it in the empty seat next to mine. The plane shook heavily, and the bag fell on the floor. I bent over to gather up my belongings when I saw an unfamiliar little book. It was a diary. The key had been carefully placed in the lock, so I opened it.

I recognized my sister’s handwriting. She had been keeping a diary for the past month, and she was now passing it on to me. I was to write in it for a couple of months, then send it back to her.

Even though an ocean separates us, it felt like she was actually there. It was only when I thought I had lost my best friend that I realized she was going to be around forever.

Martine Klaassen

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