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February 22

We were at Disney World, and our two children were clamoring for sunglasses. Rob, who was five, picked out Donald Duck glasses, and Lauren, three and already into fashion, chose pink Minnie Mouse glasses. They wore them up Main Street and into Fantasyland. They took them off and clutched them in their hands when they went on the rides.

Somehow, somewhere, the Donald Duck glasses disappeared, and Robbie cried. “If you had loved them, you would have taken better care of them,” we said to him. Lauren offered,“You can have mine, Robbie.” But he didn’t want hers. They were pink and for girls.

A few months ago we were in Orlando visiting our son—long an adult. In the flurry of rental cars and restaurants, he lost his sunglasses. We didn’t scold him. Instead, we did what most adults do for other adults: We helped him figure out where he could have lost them.

I know that as parents we have an obligation to teach our children. But I also know that everything doesn’t have to be a lesson. Sometimes, lost sunglasses are just what they are: lost sunglasses and nothing more.

Beverly Beckham

Don’t look at every mishap as a life lesson.
Sometimes accidents are just accidents.

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