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February 25

We had five children, and their activities kept both Steve’s and my hands constantly busy. Then Steve died, and I lived with the stress of being both father and mother and trying to provide for all their needs.

One evening my children and I were gathered around the dinner table. I began to talk about hands, how my hands were so busy. I reached out my two hands and asked each child to take hold. There were so many of them and only one of me that we sat transfixed, realizing there was no way I could meet all their needs.

A small voice broke the silence. “Mommy, if we all reach out to each other, we could each get a whole hand.”

We began to smile.

I’m still a single parent of five active, intelligent children who have had to grow just a little bit stronger. They don’t reach out solely to Mom for help; they reach for each other, as well. With those ten extra hands, our family is now a circle of help and support. We have enough hands to go around.

Linda Butler

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