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February 27

I was no fan of bedtime. When Dad came home I’d lie there and listen to my parents fight.

Soon it was Kathleen’s voice I heard. “Don’t be afraid. Come and get in bed with me.”

Decades later when I was on the verge of my own divorce, my sister invited me to live with her.“You need a comfort zone right now.”

We were both teachers, and every day after school we walked six miles. I vented; she listened.

At the end of the school year, she followed her heart to the ocean. Mine led me to the mountains. Yesterday I had a touch of the blues. My family and friends seemed so far away. As I was trying to get over myself, the phone rang.

“Hi, Sweetie!” I felt the arm around my shoulder as surely as if she were standing in the room with me. We talked for an hour. When I hung up, I was wrapped in her familiar comfort zone.

Melinda Stiles

Sometimes we can overcome our own fears
when someone else needs us to be strong.

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