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February 28

Princess Misha, our Siberian husky, had an innate love of the outdoors, and, of course, the cooler the better. On warm summer evenings, she would stretch out on the cool cement of the front patio. One night we watched her suddenly stand up, walk over to a toad that had hopped out of the grass, pick it up in her mouth, then walk back to her resting place and lie back down. She put her chin on the walk, opened her mouth and let the toad out. The two stared at each other for some time, then the toad hopped off into the grass.

We watched this same phenomenon repeated over the next two summers. One night we watched as a large toad hopped out of the grass. Misha gently laid down her head so that her nose almost touched the toad. Could it have been the same toad all along?

Misha had surgery that summer, and we kept her indoors to recuperate. One evening, there was Toad (as we called him) on the porch, staring through the screen door.

We laughed about the incongruous friendship, but maybe in her stalwart toad, Princess Misha had found her Prince Charming.

Joan Sutula

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