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March 1

I once taught in a small, private school. One morning the headmistress made an announcement to all the children gathered.“Today we begin a great experiment of the mind.” She held up two small ivy plants, each potted in an identical container. “We will give them the same amount of light, the same amount of water, but not the same amount of attention,” she said.“We will put one plant in the kitchen and one on the mantel in this room. Each day we will use our good minds to think good thoughts about this plant on the mantel, and we won’t send any to the plant in the kitchen. And then we’ll see what happens.”

Four weeks later my eyes were as wide and disbelieving as the children’s. The kitchen plant was leggy and sick looking, but the Great Room plant had increased threefold in size with dark, succulent leaves.

The kitchen ivy joined the other ivy on the mantel, and within three weeks, the second plant had caught up with the first.

I took this lesson to heart: All things grow . . . with love.

Joan Bramsch

Love and attention make all things grow.

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