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March 3

It was a summer’s evening when my husband Tim left me a young widow with a daughter to raise. As I struggled to work through the grief and pain, I surveyed the large garden that Tim had put so much of himself into. I couldn’t possibly keep it up, so I decided to make an herb garden out of it. It was something that I could lose myself in.

In the strawberry bed I planted a white birch. It became the Tim Tree. In the spring, with the help of a friend, I put down wood chips; another friend brought plants I’d never seen or heard of.

Although the garden was taking shape, I still felt lost and toyed with the idea of selling the house and moving. That is until the afternoon I stumbled right smack into my epiphany.

The garden had made me remember what I had tried so hard to forget: I loved this place where Tim and I had started our journey, and while that part was over, the journey has continued.

The pain has gone from my memories now, leaving them full of laughter and warmth. The healing garden has lived up to its name.

T. J. Banks

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