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March 8

Often, after she finished her solitary supper, she would sit at the kitchen table, remembering how everyone used to rush off after they had eaten—the boys up to their rooms and Peter to his favorite TV news programs. But now that the boys had left and Peter was gone, she would have given anything to have those frenzied days back again.

On what would have been her fortieth anniversary, she baked the chocolate blackout cake that had been Peter’s favorite, and there it sat, in the refrigerator.

Last year the boys had all called, and they had talked about how would they celebrate the big 4-0. But how could you observe a wedding anniversary with half a couple? Suddenly, Max the dog began barking. She flung the door open, and there were her three boys, standing there.

“I didn’t think you’d remember, and besides, with Dad. . . . ” Her voice trailed off.

“Ma, you and Dad were always here for us, and every anniversary will be our special day.”

Suddenly, she smiled and ran back to the kitchen, thanking the divine force that had directed her to bake her cake today and had given her three wonderful sons.

Evelyn Marder Levin

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