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March 10

I had always wanted to go back to college. I had dropped out in my senior year, and it had been a long time since I had “cracked a book.” Shortly after graduation, I attained my teaching credentials. And because I loved to learn, I decided to go for a master of arts degree in education and creative writing.

Graduate school was exhausting and overwhelming at times, but the next two years flew by. I was in my final quarter with only one class left to take when I was diagnosed with cancer. My professor suggested that I do my work in Los Angeles where I had to go for radiation therapy, mail it to him, and we could keep in touch by telephone.

My graduation day was special because I had finished my radiation treatments and my schoolwork.

To this day I continue my journey down the avenue of learning. My students are now my greatest teachers. In my quiet times, I write my thoughts and feelings on a clean sheet of paper. I take each day and live it. Life doesn’t get much better than this.

Lola De Julio De Maci

Take each day and live it.
It’s the best way to enjoy life.

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