From Chicken Soup for the Soul Daily Inspirations for Women

March 16

George Blair overcame his family’s poverty caused by the Great Depression and survived two potentially paralyzing accidents to water-ski his way into near-legendary status in this country and abroad.

He became the first person to water-ski—barefoot or otherwise—on or off all seven continents. He attributes his seemingly inexhaustible energy to exercise and a sensible diet. One small component to George’s diet is the banana—which he considers God’s most nearly perfect food.

He still has all kinds of goals. “I can’t wait to test myself with the next goal, with the next accomplishment. My problem is that there are not enough seconds in each minute or enough minutes in each hour to do what I want to do.”

George’s advice to 60-year-olds: “There is hope for all of us. Every day I try to do a little better. And you ought to, too. Start easy, but go for it. And set goals.”

Robert Darden

Setting goals lets you test yourself
so that every day you do a little better.

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