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March 23

I woke up feeling cranky. I didn’t want to do housework, read the work I brought home from the office or do anything that resembled responsible behavior. As I drank my tea, I thought I felt a headache coming on. Maybe I was coming down with the flu. I didn’t really want to be sick. To be truthful, all I wanted was a little time off. Did I have to wait to be sick to do that?

I talked to myself. Okay, I said, you need a day off. Admit it. Accept it. Toss out the guilt and enjoy a mini-vacation.

In the bathroom I lit a vanilla-scented candle and stepped into the bathtub into which I’d poured a half bottle of bath gel. With a grateful sigh, I immersed myself in my homemade spa.

By late afternoon, I was back at it, refreshed physically, mentally and emotionally. I had given myself permission to listen and respond to my needs, to care for myself the way I tended to my family. I didn’t need illness to justify a rest. It was such a simple awareness, but then isn’t it the simple things that set us free?

Ferida Wolff

Take time out to do something
enjoyable for yourself.

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