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March 24

In my previous life, before I was reincarnated as a mother of three, I wore clothes that fit and matched. I read Time magazine and the newspaper. I had a career and friends who were more than three feet tall.

In my previous life, I was free. I could carve my own path and follow my dreams. Now, I endlessly rearrange piles of laundry, crumbs and toys. I am pulled and tugged, hassled and harassed, stepped on and sat upon, and desperate or in need of some solitude. I am bleary-eyed and graying, underpaid and overwhelmed. Sometimes I wonder who I am and what I’ve become. Then, one of my children shouts,“Mommy, I need you!” and it is perfectly clear.

I am the center of the universe. I am MOM.

Gayle Sorensen Stringer

Becoming a parent can mean losing
who you were—but becoming something
much more important instead.

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