From Chicken Soup for the Soul Daily Inspirations for Women

March 25

My grandmother Miriam knew the most amazing things. She could spell Mississippi backwards and keep an omelet from sticking to the pan.

We were kindred spirits. I told her we’d travel around the world together, and she showed me how to touch the stars by closing one eye and balancing them on my fingertips.

She was the first person who ever encouraged me to dream and to put those dreams down on paper. Her lessons are the ones that stuck with me: She taught me how much constitutes a pinch of salt, how to use seltzer to get a stain out of a silk blouse, and helped me appreciate the simple things, like the quiet moments at dusk when the whole world is draped in a curtain of blue light.

As I stir a big, boiling pot of stuffed cabbage on my stove, I can picture Miriam sprinkling a dash of sugar for sweetness and squeezing in just enough lemon juice to “give it a kick.”

And I can’t help thinking that “life is like that”— sometimes sweet, sometimes sour, and always a challenge to blend both parts perfectly.

Sheryl Berk

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