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March 26

As I got closer to motherhood, thoughts of my own mother came more and more frequently. She had died of cancer when I was 13. After she died, I missed her with a bottomless ache in my soul that never went away.

I got a second mother in my wonderful mother-in-law, Ethel, but she died three years before I got pregnant. As my baby grew inside me, I felt keenly the fact that I had no mother to help me.

A few months before our baby arrived, my husband and I decided to hang a picture of each of our mothers on the wall so our son could “know” his grandmothers.

For me, labor lasted 33 hours and ended in an emergency C-section. When I woke up from the delivery, I was groggy and in pain, but I couldn’t wait to meet Ben. He looked at me for the first time, and I saw my mother’s eyes—big, deep brown and full of sparkle. And there’s a funny little skin fold under his eyes—just like Ethel.

I have been blessed with a beautiful son whose smile gives me back both of my mothers every day of his life.

Nancy L. Rusk

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