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March 28

We knew we could not be with Matthew to celebrate his second birthday, so we made a short video. When my daughter reported the success of the video, I began doing them whenever we saw or did something that we would have done with Matthew had he lived closer. It was a good way to keep from being strangers and was also a learning experience as we showed him things that might not be readily available in his area.

The “Grandma Videos” have continued for over seven years now, and four more grandchildren are viewing them. The videos are obviously unprofessional, but the children certainly don’t mind. We sometimes wonder if we enjoy them more than they do. It’s fun for us to look at things from a child’s perspective, and I find we have a renewed interest in the simple little objects we often took for granted.

My own children saw their grandparents only once a year, but ours can literally have their grandparents at their fingertips anytime they wish.

June Cerza Kolf

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