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March 30

I first met Jeanne on moving day. Recently single again, I was forced to move from my dream home to a small duplex, and my spirits were about as high as the grass in the front yard.

But Jeanne was doing the single lifestyle well, and her zest was contagious. Every year I hung out with her, the more I laughed, and the less I thought about the past and how it hurt and robbed me.

Then it happened. I met Carl. Nobody but Jeanne and I could understand that though our friendship would remain as deep and faithful, sadly it would never be quite the same.

The night before the wedding, I wrote Jeanne a long letter full of memories of all the special things we did together, and how she would always be my best friend.

Life has seasons, and we must change with them as best we can. It’s been four years now, and Jeanne hasn’t found her Mr. Right, but she’s not sitting around waiting. She makes every day count, and she still motivates me to do it, too.

Jan Coleman

Friends can motivate us
to be the best that we can.

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