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April 5

Shortly after learning I had a rare type of breast cancer, I decided to cut back on some of my activities. I became upset as I told my son’s classroom teacher about my diagnosis and the long months of treatment that lay ahead.“Know what your rope is, Myra,” she counseled. “And hold on. Whatever it is. Just keep holding on.” It didn’t take me long to figure out that my rope would be the love of my family and friends, who I knew would support me through whatever lay ahead.

As my treatment progressed, that rope was there during chemotherapy when my husband said,“Lean on me.” It was there one night after I had lost my hair, and I found 50 cents under my pillow with a note from the “hair fairy.” On those occasions when I didn’t get along with the people whose support I desperately needed, it felt as though the rope was slipping out of my hands.

I survived my journey. I often hear my friend’s words echoing in my mind:“Know what your rope is, Myra.” I do, and I’m still holding on.

Myra Shostack

Turning to others for support in a difficult
situation is what will get you through it.

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