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April 7

Living with a writer is like living with Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde,” I hear my husband tell our neighbor. “There are more ups and downs than in the astronaut program.”

“How come you’ve stuck around so long?” Bud asks.

“She promised to buy me an airplane—a real one,” my husband says. “She tells me about famous authors and their humble beginnings. Did you know Stephen King was rejected a hundred times before he sold a thing? By my count, only forty-four rejections to go and the plane is mine!

“It could be worse,” he continues.“I could be married to a psychiatrist and become paranoid overnight. And I doubt she’d promise me a plane.”

I smile as I turn back to my work, knowing my husband understands a little about this writing life. He’s a modern kind of guy and can take care of himself. He knows where to find the cream of broccoli soup.

It’s right next to the cream of chicken.

Judith A. Chance

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