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April 8

Why are there more pictures of Lisa than there are of me?” our younger daughter asked.

Marilyn said,“I’ve never counted them. I don’t know.”

Lori turned and left the room. Caught off-guard by the question, I mumbled,“There can’t be that many more pictures of Lisa than of Lori.” “When Lisa was born, you were taking photographs. When Lori was born, you were involved in colored slides,” Marilyn replied.“There must be hundreds of slides of Lori somewhere in the house.”

Later that afternoon, when we were alone, we went into the basement and found the trays of slides. Over the next few days, we went through them all, selecting and rejecting pictures until we were satisfied. Then we converted them into photographs and placed them in an album.

On Lori’s birthday, I left the album and a birthday card in her room, explaining why her mother and I had put it together. Later that morning I answered my office phone. A tiny voice spoke with obvious difficulty. “I love you, Daddy,” she said and disconnected.

Alvin Abram

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