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April 9

My husband was diagnosed with congestive heart failure at age 46. One day my closest friend stopped by and knew that I was having a tough time. She hugged me, and I said,“Sometimes widowhood doesn’t look bad.” And then I never thought of it again and never felt guilty about it.

Several weeks later, my oldest daughter and I had an argument. Her father backed me up. I approached her later. “I will not have you upsetting your father and risking him dying.”

Melanie screamed, “I don’t care! I wish he was dead!”

The next day he was.

Despite counseling, Melanie’s wound closed, opened and festered. For her eighteenth birthday, I decided to give her three things: a bag of party balloons (for the ups and downs in her life), a set of darts (to throw at my picture) and the board game Life.“You will learn that Life is not a game, until you are old enough to discover that it really is.” And, describing what I had said to my friend that day, I told her, “You never did anything that I had not already done. I never had anything to forgive you for.”

Mary-Ann Joustra Borstad

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