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April 10

Dear John,

I must confess that your son—my new grandson— and I made a pact that very first day you brought him home from the hospital. When no one was looking, I took his warm little fist and freed his fingers so they could wrap around one of mine. I remembered how you,my own brand-new baby, had also held on tightly. I knew that we had made an agreement, sealed with a secret handshake, acknowledging that both of us would let go when the time was right. Then it seems that I merely blinked and you were letting go, long before I thought you would.

I could lament your passing youth and my own. For now, though, I’d rather relish completely the thrill I got as my precious new grandson gripped my finger and stared intently into my eyes. I know he was telling me he’d trust us to hold on, to teach him what he needs to know of life, to be there as long as he needs us. Then we’ll all let go with our hands, but continue to hold on tight with our hearts.

Love always,


Lynn Stearns

Although we have to let go of our children
one day, we will always keep them
close in our hearts.

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