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April 13

When my best friend moved to a town three hours away, I was devastated and, of course, wrote about it in my column.

Susan and I had known each other for five years. She was my first real neighbor, and we’d been close for longer than the lifetimes of our children. We both had stories— long, drawn-out epics—we shared weekly. Every morning our cars passed as we brought our boys to different schools. The sight of her car, of someone else doing what I did, boosted my own self-esteem. It took weeks before I stopped looking for her car.

About the time I was recovering from my loss, a woman hailed me in the grocery store. “My best friend just moved away, and you said what I felt, but I didn’t have the words.”

I was lucky; someone actually confronted me with the power of my work. It made me realize that in the end, writing is not about the money. It is about giving a single person, one reader, the right words.

Catharine Bramkamp

When we share our feelings with others,
we can help them give voice to their own.

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