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April 14

I have flown hundreds of flights since I became a flight attendant for a major airline, but I will always remember one particular flight from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C.

I answered a lavatory call light in the coach cabin and found a young mother struggling with her infant.

She was on her way to deliver the son to the family that was adopting him. She could no longer support the two of them. They had spent the previous night on the airport floor because they had missed their flight and had very little money.

The other flight attendants brought cloth towels to clean up both mom and infant. I gave her a sweater and pair of pants I had brought for my layover. Then I asked several families if they could spare extra diapers, formula and clothes for the child.

Once we landed, I walked them to their next flight and briefed the new flight attendant crew on the situation.

As she thanked me, she said softly, “You’re a sky angel.”

Whenever I look at my “angel wings,” I’m reminded of that day when I learned we are all spiritual beings traveling in human form.

Robin Chapuis

We are all spiritual beings.

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