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April 15

My father loved honeybees. Over the years he built up a large apiary, which eventually provided a major portion of our family income. Because a hive of bees could die of starvation during the winter, beekeepers helped their bees survive by feeding them syrup made from sugar and water.

During World War I, our nation rationed sugar, honey was in great demand as a substitute, and beekeepers were given an extra ration to keep their bees alive. When some favorite relatives were coming to visit, we begged Mom to take enough sugar from Dad’s bee ration to make one of her beautiful cakes.

A few days later it was time for our family of seven to receive our monthly allotment of sugar. When Dad got home he set the tiny brown bag on our table. Mom took out the amount of sugar she’d used for the cake and poured it in the bee sugar barrel, leaving a scanty amount for us. Mom made no fuss over it. It was just a natural action on her part, in keeping with the integrity with which my father and she lived their lives.

Mildred Bonzo

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