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April 16

Euphoria was ours the day my friend Carol and I received the $2.98 jars of bust cream. After the recommended ten applications, Carol was definitely developing—thanks to the cream or Mother Nature. But the proof was there.

So, one sultry July day, I made the second most important purchase of my teen life: falsies. Carol and I hurried home clutching the bag that held my soon-to-be new figure. Carol assured me I looked like Marilyn Monroe.

We left for the park swimming pool. We dove into the cool water and swam and swam, until I noticed one falsie floating by without a care in the world. Em barrassed beyond belief, I ran into the girls’ locker room and changed back into my clothes.

When Carol and I arrived at my house, Mom could tell that my little corner of the world had ended. Through tears and sobs, the shamefaced tale was told. “Go get my sewing basket,” Mom said,“and we’ll fix things right.”

That afternoon Carol and I learned that the quick answers to problems were often false, but love that was shared around the kitchen table was often the truest love of all.

Alice Collins

Be patient. Quick fixes to problems
usually don’t work.

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