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April 20

It is Day 118, and I am alone in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, attempting to be the first person to row around the world. I want to lament about sun blisters, unfavorable currents and winds, jellyfish stings, saltwater sores and the ever-present loneliness.

I open my laptop computer and open a message from my wife. It contains an extra message from a couple in Chicago.

I saw your story on television and find your spirit incredible. My wife is in the hospital having a bone-marrow transplant. We find inspiration in your journey, and we pray for you daily.

Rick and Susan

I am embarrassed. I have a couple of blisters and a few aches and pains, while Susan’s lying in darkness and can’t move. She’s got cancer. I have a jellyfish sting on my foot.

I log out and put my computer back into its watertight case. I fix dinner and eat in silence, surrounded only by the slapping waves of the ocean and the courage of a couple in Chicago. The boat feels lighter. My destination feels closer.

Mick Bird

*Names have been changed.

Learning how others face their challenges
can give us the courage to deal with our own.

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