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April 21

My friend Michelle is blind, but you’d never know it. I really realized this the first time my six-year-old went to play there.

When she came home, she was very excited about her day. They had baked cookies and played games, but she was especially excited about her finger-painting project.

“Michelle told me my picture showed joy, pride and a sense of accomplishment. She really saw what I was doing!” Kayla said, and that’s when I realized she didn’t know that Michelle was blind.

When I told her, she was quiet for a moment. Then Kayla said slowly, “You know, Mommy, Michelle really did ‘see’ my picture. She just used my eyes.”

And I knew that my child was right because Michelle had listened to Kayla describe her artwork, heard Kayla’s pride in her work, wonder at her discovery of the way colors blend and her delight in the texture of the medium.

I’ve never heard anyone refer to Michelle as handicapped. She isn’t. Hers is a special type of “vision” that all mothers could use.

Marsha Arons

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