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April 23

When my three boys were just wee ones, my unmarried high-school friend invited me to visit in her new condominium. After lunch we sauntered into her living room to sip our coffee and reminisce. I was immediately struck by the fact that there wasn’t any peanut butter oozing down the kitchen cabinets and no Kool-Aid puddle on the kitchen floor. When I approached her bathroom with caution, I found no potty seat on the toilets and there wasn’t a turtle or frog to be seen in the tub. Driving home, I felt vaguely sorry for myself.

No one was in the yard when I pulled in. The kitchen was noticeably free of dirty dishes, and the boys’ rooms had been cleaned. I opened the bathroom door to find our two black Labrador retrievers immersed in the tub. Upon seeing me, they leapt out, sending Soaky Fun Bubbles everywhere. As my boys and I slipped and slid on the floor, laughing hysterically, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for my friend, Marge.

Jackie Fleming

There are times when we envy the orderly,
organized life. Focus on the joy of
having a full house.

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