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April 24

After five years of enduring the empty arms of childlessness, we waited for Nathan Andrew to arrive. The painful months and years would soon become a dim memory.

A car drove up and parked in front of the house. As a woman stepped out of the car with a blanket-wrapped baby carrier, the scene was suddenly thrown into slow motion, and questions flashed through my mind. What of the girl who had borne him?

I thought of this young girl, 10 years younger than I. She was somewhere in this city, recuperating from the birth of a baby that was no longer hers. After nine months of waiting, she had given life to a little boy. After five years of waiting, we were taking that little boy and giving him the life he deserved. We would be the mother and father who would love him, providing for his physical, emotional and spiritual needs in ways that a young girl was not yet capable of.

With tears in my eyes, I silently thanked a stranger whose baby would become my own. A girl whose gift was a treasure without price.

Sandra Julian

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