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April 26

It’s a chilly Saturday in May, and I’m sitting on a cold metal bench in the stands of a baseball park. I blow on my hands, wishing I’d brought my woolen mittens.

Suddenly, the coach tells me he’s starting Matthew in right field. “He’s worked hard this year, and I think he deserves the opportunity.”

But when the team takes the field, Eddie, the most experienced player, takes right field, and my son is gripping the fence in front of the dugout yelling encouragement.

By the fourth inning, my fingers are stiff and Matthew has been called into the game. Strike one. The next pitch is a ball. Strike two. I cross my fingers. Strike three. My son’s head hangs as he walks back to the dugout.

The game ends, and I stretch my legs and try to stomp life back into my feet. While I wait for Matthew, the coach approaches me.

“Mrs. Bodmer, I want you to know that’s a fine young man you have there. When I told him he could start, he told me to let Eddie start. That it meant more to him.”

I realized then why I sit in the stands. Where else can I watch my son grow into a man?

Judy Bodmer

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