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April 29

It was in a tiny printing shop on Balboa Island that I first learned women had flown missions in World War II. A customer was making photocopies of a poem called Celestial Flight that is read at memorials to women pilots.

“They read this poem at my daughter’s funeral,” Marilyn said. Her daughter was Captain Candalyn Kubeck. She flew the ValuJet that crashed in the Florida Everglades.

I imagined what this poor mother had gone through, now left behind without a child—a mother who’d had the courage and bravery to let her daughter go into the skies to follow her dream. What could I say to her?

Holding my baby, I could only say good-bye to Captain Candy and to all those other women who took to the skies and are gone. And thanks to all you mothers who let them fly. They didn’t reach stardom, but they reached the stars.

Diana L. Chapman

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