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April 30

One day when my son George was eight, he woke up with his foot pointed straight up; he could only walk on his heel. As we began the doctors’ circuit, his crookedness moved up one leg and down the other. We learned that he had generalized torsion dystonia, a condition similar to cerebral palsy.

We tried every medication, diet and doctor possible. My life became directed toward helping find a cure for this disease. I wanted my son to be normal again.

Slowly, George’s comfort with his disease taught me forgiveness. Then, a friend dragged me to group meditation. I came to realize that George was my teacher; love was the lesson.

I knew then that George was and always had been George. I accepted that he wouldn’t grow up and have the same prospects as other people, but he would grow up with more patience, ambition and courage than anyone I had ever known.

At a recent high-school reunion, I listened while everyone celebrated their children’s successes. When it was at last my turn, I was the proudest parent: “My son walks. And he’s perfect.”

Sharon Drew Morgen

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