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May 5

When I was in my middle-school years, my parents’ property had a huge, old oak tree in a secluded corner that I’d climb. I’d sit there, fantasizing about this or that, or camp out for a good long cry when things were particularly melodramatic.

On one particularly tough day, I grabbed my notebook out of my backpack and started writing a poem about the feelings I was experiencing.

The writing calmed me, setting free the harmful thoughts that had had me in their grip. The next afternoon, I went straight to my tree, wanting to see if what had worked once would work again. What began that long-ago afternoon was to become a lifelong love affair with words.

When I put thought on paper today, whether it be for a particularly compelling piece of fiction or a more mundane news piece, there is always the memory of that first thrill of capturing each moment as it happens, of knowing that, no matter how far distant it becomes in memory, the simple act of writing will keep it forever safe, forever authentic.

Kate M. Brausen

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