From Chicken Soup for the Soul Daily Inspirations for Women

May 6

Children are little hoarders at heart and are seldom interested in sharing. They see. They want. They keep.

The other day my five-year-old daughter brought out her supply of comic books.

“This is mine and this is mine and this is mine and . . .”

“Wait a minute,” my wife said. “That one isn’t yours. That’s Richard’s. It’s got his name written on top.”

The evidence wasn’t accepted.

“You have to give it back to Richard,” my wife countered.


Then followed a long discourse on the rights of others, the many advantages of being honest, the promise of dire consequences if Jane didn’t cough up the comic book.

“Now, whose book is that?” my wife asked.

“Richard’s,” Jane answered sullenly.

Richard was then summoned from the backyard. “Here’s your comic book, Richard,” Jane said.

“I don’t want it,” Richard replied, running off to rejoin his pals.

Gary Lautens

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