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May 7

When the British Tourist Authority invited me to tour England, I asked my two best friends on the travel magazine staff to go with me. Linda, Leslie and I are city girls, born and bred, so we were not prepared when our tour guide instructed us on the fine art of flipping sheep.

“At this time of year,” she explained,“their coats get very heavy, and they begin to itch, so they roll on the ground to scratch their backs. Then they’re too heavy to get back up. If you see a sheep on her back with her feet in the air, you’ll need to go into the pasture and set her back on her feet. You also have to wait until her organs slip back into place and her brain settles in her head again.”

Back in our cottage, after a day of touring, we sat in front of our fireplace. Linda was sprawled out on the couch.

“Linda,” Leslie said,“are you asleep?”

Linda opened one eye. “Go practice on Phyllis. She’s got a heavier coat.”

I glowered.“Only one of you may be going on the next trip!”

Linda looked at Leslie.“I’ll flip you for it.”

Phyllis W. Zeno

Take your sense of humor
with you, wherever you go.

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