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May 8

At the age of 15, Lee Katherine had dreams of becoming a marine biologist. It was at this time that she was diagnosed with cancer of the nasal cavity. Although her parents did everything they could to help her fight her illness, her medical team soon realized that Lee Katherine was losing her battle.

“Mom, there is one thing I want to do before I die. I want to swim with dolphins.”

Ruth called the Children’s Wish Foundation Inter-national, and that very day plans were set into motion to transport Lee Katherine from North Carolina to the Florida Keys.

What happened was a miracle to all who were present. Two dolphins seemed to sense her fragile condition. They nudged her neck, gave her soft dolphin kisses, provided gentle piggyback rides.

After her swim, Lee Katherine told her parents, “I’m not afraid to die anymore.” The communication with the dolphins was her“bridge to the other side,” and she was totally peaceful. Just 36 hours after her swim, Lee Katherine passed away, and her parents fulfilled their daughter’s final wish. They scattered her ashes amongst the same school of dolphins that had been her “bridge to the other side.”

Christy Chappelear Andrews

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