MAY 10

MAY 10

From Chicken Soup for the Soul Daily Inspirations for Women

May 10

When my husband and I decided it was time to think about having a baby, I never dreamed it would be a 10-year venture. Fertility drugs coupled with artificial insemination failed. Our first try with in vitro fertilization ended with my miscarrying twins. After two more unsuccessful attempts at IVF, I needed a break.

My husband and I settled into a life of two working professionals. In the meantime, some very dear friends had their second baby. Since they didn’t intend to have any more children, Kathy offered to carry a baby for us if we got to the point where we considered using a gestational carrier.

After six more unsuccessful IVF attempts, we began the process of having my frozen embryos sent to a fertility clinic near Kathy. Insurance regulations also required that two embryos of the 10 or 12 retrieved be implanted in the real mother.

While we awaited news from Kathy, we learned the results of my pregnancy test. The price we had paid through our prolonged trial resulted in the birth of beautiful, healthy Benjamin George Cameransi III.

Patricia K. Cameransi

Children are miracles no matter how
they find their way into your heart.

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