MAY 13

MAY 13

From Chicken Soup for the Soul Daily Inspirations for Women

May 13

One Sunday afternoon, my six-year-old daughter queried from the video closet, “Mommy, where are my Barney videos?” I reminded her that a few months earlier she had let friends borrow the videos for their recently adopted child.

Remembering the loan, she returned disappointed to the video closet to make an alternate decision. She came to my side two minutes later and, with big, brown-eyed child wisdom, said, “Don’t you just sometimes wish you could rewind life?”

Yes. There are some special moments and milestones that I would love to relive, choices I would make differently, and embarrassing moments I would gladly rescind. But as you stand beside me as a continuous source of pride and great joy, and evolve each day into a beautiful young lady, I want to reach for the “VCR of Life” and put you on pause!

Beverley Bolger Gordon

Sometimes we wish we could go back
and relive moments, but watching
the future unfold is much better.

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