MAY 17

MAY 17

From Chicken Soup for the Soul Daily Inspirations for Women

May 17

As far back as I can remember, the large pickle jar sat on the floor beside the dresser in my parents’ bedroom. When Dad got ready for bed, he would empty his pockets and toss his coins into the jar. When the jar was filled, Dad would roll the coins and take them to the bank. As he slid the rolled coins across the counter at the bank, he would grin proudly. “These are for my son’s college fund. He’ll never work at the mill all his life like me.”

The years passed, and I finished college and took a job in another town. On a visit home, I noticed that the pickle jar had been removed. It had served its purpose.

When I married, I told my wife about the pickle jar. The first Christmas after our daughter was born, we spent the holiday with my parents. After dinner my wife took the baby into my parents’ bedroom to diaper her.

When she came back, she took my hand and led me into the room. To my amazement, there, as if it had never been removed, stood the old pickle jar, the bottom already covered with coins.

A.W. Cobb

Every little penny, carefully saved,
can shape a future.

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