MAY 18

MAY 18

From Chicken Soup for the Soul Daily Inspirations for Women

May 18

I distinctly remember the May Day of the year I was in fifth grade. Pam, one of my dearest friends, was a year older than I, and her interests were starting to change from those we had shared together. I felt hurt and left out.

When my mother asked if I was going to take a basket to Pam, I responded angrily, “Absolutely not!”

My mom stopped what she was doing and explained that one of the greatest things friends can do is to give each other a chance to grow, change and develop. And sometimes that would mean choosing to spend time with other people.

It was hard, but I decided to forgive Pam and express that forgiveness by giving her a May Day basket. “Thank you, Susie,” she said, scooping up the flowers. “I hoped you wouldn’t forget me!”

That day changed my life. I decided to hold my friends tightly in my heart, but loosely in my expectations of them, allowing them space to grow and to change—with or without me.

Sue Dunigan

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